Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Roller Coaster After BC

as in Birth Control.

I have been debating whether or not to write this post for a while. This topic can be controversial and I am not one to "stir the pot", so to speak. However, I have had an invaluable experience that I believe should be shared. Please know that I value your opinion, but if you have something ugly to say, please keep it to yourself.

As I written before, I had congestive heart failure within 3 days of having our daughter. This left us with lots of questions and few answers. After assessing the damage, the big question became: Can I have another pregnancy? The immediate answer was no. Anton and I weren't ready to assign permanence to that answer, so we didn't want to take permanent action toward birth control (tubes tied, vasectomy).

Due to the uncertainty of why the heart failure occurred, the cardiologist recommended a low hormone or hormone free birth control. The cardiologist recommended an IUD. With that, I went in the OB's office for a birth control consult. I was nervous and wanted to make sure I made the best decision for my health and for my family. During that meeting, we discussed a few options, but the one that seemed the best was the Mirena. The doctor told me that the hormone would stay centralized and would not likely enter my bloodstream, which in turn should not influence my heart. I felt good about the choice and made an appointment to have it placed.

The procedure was flawless. The IUD was placed and I didn't experience any adverse side effects. During the duration of the of the time that I had the device, I was a fan. I hadn't had to deal with a heavy period or cramping. My mood was pretty steady. It was relatively easy and pleasant. I had a read a few articles about people having a terrible experience, but it wasn't something that could relate with, so I just overlooked it.

After four years, my heart prognosis changed. You can read about that here. Anton and I started talking about baby #2. I met with a high risk ob and he decided to take my case, so I made an appointment to have my IUD removed. Before having it removed, I looked up some articles on what to expect. There were mixed reviews, but I had had such a great experience with it in that I wasn't worried about what would happen once it was removed. Day #1 after removal was easy. No problems!

Day #2 was a different story. As was day #3-14. It was like all of those periods I had missed out on for 4 years, were coming back to haunt me. It was miserable. After that, I had cravings like nobody's business and then felt nauseous about 75% of the time. I then started having mood swings. Like roller coasters r us. One moment I was fine, and the next I was at my boiling point. Over the smallest of things. I began to remember some of the things that I had read to expect upon removal. They were all happening to me. I have now spent the past month or so cleansing and detoxing, trying to get my body back to norm. It has been a process and I am thankful for support and prayer. Lots of prayer.

When asked if I would do the Mirena again, my answer was no. It is now emphatically no! There is no way that that is good for your body. I am not sure what I would choose. I have a couple of options that I am looking at, but nothing that I am ready to share. For now, just trying to heal and waiting for news of baby #2.

Please note, this is my experience. I would have made a different decision if I knew then what I know now. However, I did make the best decision that I could in order to protect my life and my marriage. I'd love to hear your thoughts, but please remember if you thoughts are ugly or hurtful keep them to yourself.


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  1. Oh Tasha, what an awful experience! I'm so sorry! I opted out of one after my first two babies since I knew I wanted my kids closer together than the 5 year length of the IUD. After having Lincoln and being completely done having kids, it was suggested to me again. By now, I knew way too many gals with stories similar to yours to say yes to one. I can't even believe they are still being offered with such horrid side effects! Glad you hear you're healing -and even happier to hear you're awaiting news on baby #2 :)