Thursday, February 20, 2014

Becoming Untimidated

In January we made  the decision to join a gym. It took me a couple of weeks to assure Anton that I would actually put my membership to good use. (I have a proven track record in this department, so that helps. Before I got pregnant with Karrington, I hit the gym every morning. Morning sickness quickly threw me out of my routine and ultimately became the end of our gym membership.)

Within the first two days of having our membership, I tore my calf muscle and injured my foot. Nice, right? I was encouraged by my family that getting back into shape is more of a marathon than a sprint. I agree! Instead of starting slowly, I tried to jump in as hard as I could and then had to sit out for 2 1/2 weeks while my body healed. That was discouraging!

When I went back to the gym, I decided that I would go slow. My goal is to get healthy. I also want to step outside of my comfort zone to do things that challenge me both physically and emotionally. This process, for me, is just as must emotional and mental as it is physical. With that said, my brother had told me about an ab machine that I should give a try. I wanted to have him around so that I could get a good idea of how to operate it, but we kept missing each other at the gym.

I wanted a challenge, so I decided to just go for it. I felt like a big ole whale as I climbed onto the machine. I immediately began to feel intimidated. This was magnified when a couple of cute little athletic girls rounded the corner and started working out on the machine right next to me. I was ready to become invisible. I could only imagine what they thought, "Look at that lady, she has no idea what she is doing and neither do we..." These types of thoughts were flooding my mind. I did finish my workout and assured myself that I would never do that again.

Later, I talked to my brother about my experience. He stopped my and said, "Those girls were probably impressed by you getting in there and working hard. Those people at the gym know how hard it is and they are cheering you on. They want to see you succeed."

That was the moment I decided to become untimidated. Who cares what anyone thinks or doesn't think of me. I am not at the gym for anyone's approval. I am there to work toward my goal. I appreciate that I have a multitude of wise council and encouragement.

What do you need to choose to become untimidated about?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

iSpy Classroom Mom

At the beginning of the school year I must have been feeling rather ambitious because I signed up to be in charge of our class project for the school's annual online auction. I have been a part of the auction for the past several years, so I was confident in my idea as to what would be a good seller. Repurposed furniture with personalization is usually a hit. 

It took a little bit of thought and conversation with the auction coordinator before the idea came to life. I decided on an ispy table. I wasn't sure if a coffee table or kids table would be the better option, but after checking out an online resale I knew the answer. A kids table would be the project. 
Next step was to figure out how I would put the pictures in the table. I came across a great idea on Pinterest, but it would have required putting a lip on the table. Considering I had procrastinated a little and wasn't ready to figure out how to put a lip on a round table, I decided to go with another plan...decoupage. 

Another one of our class mom went and took pictures of each of the kids, so my first step was to cut around the kids so that there was no background. I then used Power Point to put together the following picture. Clip art, student pictures, a school logo, and a few of my own cropped pictures were used in the creation of the ispy picture. The background is cake sprinkles. 

I then sent the picture over to an office supply store to print. See a copy of the picture below. 

I lightly sanded the top of the table and stools and then painted the stools with homemade yellow chalkboard paint. 

After getting the picture home, I cut out the circle. If you are the perfectionist type, don't look too closely. I already know that it is not perfect and that it is not perfectly centered on the table. The drives me nuts! But it also reminds me that I am far from perfection and that's okay. I was not created to be perfect. (sorry for the side note

After the decoupage dried, I painted around the edges with homemade blue chalkboard paint. Once the paint was dry, I applied a coat of polyurethane and let that dry. I then lightly sanded the coat of dried polyurethane and applied another coat. 2 hours later, I applied the 3rd coat. I did this process on both the table and the chairs. It left a glossy finish and should protect the ispy picture from getting wet.

Here is the finished product. Karrington was very sad that we had to take it up to the school to be auctioned off. The table was a hit and I am happy to say that my dad bid and won it. He knew that Karrington would appreciate it and love it. It will be a fun item to have around and a good memory of her first year in school.