Thursday, June 7, 2012

Those Pesky Toys

I'm sure that it is new news to you that toys don't jump out of the toys box and all over the floor. I am sure that it's also new news that those same toys don't pick themselves back up and get into the toy box.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would share about Karrington's lesson in cleaning her room. It was a lesson learned very well, because we have not had any problems since.

I had instructed Karrington to pick up all of her toys and put them away in the correct locations. She quickly ran to her room to get the job done. I waited about 10 minutes and then went to check on her, only to find a much larger mess. I wasn't shocked, but wanted her to understand her responsibility for her toys. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a reusable grocery bag and carried it back to her room.

This is what I told her, "I will help you pick up your toys, but every toy that I pick up will go in this bag and it will no longer be your toy. It will be my toy."

She was a little baffled at what I was doing and just watched at I picked up toys and placed them in my bag. I kept reminding her that each toy that I put in the bag was going to be mine to keep. As she began to realize what was happening, she started to cry but she also started to pick up her toys. She was learning the lesson.

I then stopped her and explained grace. I didn't expect her to understand the full meaning of the lesson, but I wanted her to know that we all get grace daily from our Heavenly Father. I dumped out all of the toys and told her that I was going to leave the room for a few minutes. "I want you to pick up all of your toys. Next time I come and help, I will keep what I pick up."

I left the room and she continued to pick up. She was sure to place everything in its rightful place. She learned and continues to keep her toys picked up.