Monday, May 21, 2012

Sharing the Household Duties

Karrington is well on her way to being 3. I can't believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was cuddling her and watching her sleep in my arms. It is extremely amazing how quickly kids grow. The little things all add up to be a walking/running/jumping/screaming/screeching/dancing/tumbling/giggling/pink and purple loving little girl.
With Karrington growing and learning new things, we are also growing as parents. It was a few weeks ago when we decided that it was time to introduce Karrington to chores. We don't have a chore list or a spreadsheet or anything too serious. We just want her to be able to be responsible for her 3 year old part in the house.

Karrington's Duties:
Place dirty clothes in laundry basket
Pick up all toys
Brush Teeth
Help with her laundry (pictures below)

Dirty Clothes - this is an end of the day duty and is pretty simple. She is to make sure that her clothes from the day do not end up on the floor or stuffed in a drawer, but instead in the laundry basket.
*in order to help her be successful, I make sure to have a laundry basket in her room at all times

Pick up all toys - Karrington's toys and books are separated into buckets, so that she does not have access to all of her toys all of the time. (Got this idea from my sis, Gretchen). We rotate the toys out about once a month. All this to say, she doesn't have a ton of toys that she has to pick up. She is, though, required to pick up everything she gets out. A story on how Karrington learned the value of this duty to follow in a few days.

Brush Teeth - She brushes first and then I do a follow up, so that we make sure to get all of her teeth clean.

Help with her laundry - Karrington helps put her laundry in the washing machine. She then closes the door. I put in the soap and she starts the machine. She then helps me separate the dryer items from the hang dry items. After everything is dry and daddy fold all of the clothes, she helps put away her socks and panties.

As she gets older, we will add a few things here and there. We want to make sure she learns to share in the responsibility of the household duties.
Putting her dirty laundry in the washing machine
Clothes are all in - time to close it up

Karrington know exactly which button to push

All done for now

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Hair Do!

The other day I stumbled upon my new favorite little girl summer hair style. We had just pulled out the pool and were getting ready for our first swim of the season. If you've ever tried to brush out little girl hair after a day of playing and then getting wet in the know that it can be quite a task.
I already had Karrington's hair in a front braid. Instead of pulling the rest of the hair into a messy bun on the top of her head, I pulled the pony from her side braid and used it in a french braid down the back of her head. I love this hair style for many reasons. Two very large ones being: no tangles at the end of the day and the hair stays out of her face.
Start from the side like a regular french braid, but I only pull hair from the front.
I didn't braid this down the middle of the back, it is a diagonal braid.
Just because she so stinkin' cute!
Mommy and Daughter fro yo date.