Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whodunnit? Murder in Riotsville

Our murder mystery party was a hit. Everyone had a great evening and in the end Sher Ratton confessed to killing Mayor Haddit Kumming.
Everything was 1920's: outfits, lingo and, of course, the meal. Everyone came dressed ready to play their part. This week I will post the menu and pictures of our 1920's meal, as well as my tips on how to plan your own murder mystery party. This is definitely a fun spin on a party and one I recommend. Our family will definitely be doing another murder mystery party in the near future.

Rival Mob Bosses: Foxy Frampton and Tiny Torelli (aka birthday boys)

Introductions: Tinker Tobasco, Desiree Streetcar and Fingers Fillini

Meet Matt Adore, Leika Topshot, and Winn Anyhow

Madd Madigan, Sher Ratton, Iona Barr, Scarlett O'Starlett, Winn Anyhow, and Rich Wilby