Thursday, June 7, 2012

Those Pesky Toys

I'm sure that it is new news to you that toys don't jump out of the toys box and all over the floor. I am sure that it's also new news that those same toys don't pick themselves back up and get into the toy box.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would share about Karrington's lesson in cleaning her room. It was a lesson learned very well, because we have not had any problems since.

I had instructed Karrington to pick up all of her toys and put them away in the correct locations. She quickly ran to her room to get the job done. I waited about 10 minutes and then went to check on her, only to find a much larger mess. I wasn't shocked, but wanted her to understand her responsibility for her toys. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a reusable grocery bag and carried it back to her room.

This is what I told her, "I will help you pick up your toys, but every toy that I pick up will go in this bag and it will no longer be your toy. It will be my toy."

She was a little baffled at what I was doing and just watched at I picked up toys and placed them in my bag. I kept reminding her that each toy that I put in the bag was going to be mine to keep. As she began to realize what was happening, she started to cry but she also started to pick up her toys. She was learning the lesson.

I then stopped her and explained grace. I didn't expect her to understand the full meaning of the lesson, but I wanted her to know that we all get grace daily from our Heavenly Father. I dumped out all of the toys and told her that I was going to leave the room for a few minutes. "I want you to pick up all of your toys. Next time I come and help, I will keep what I pick up."

I left the room and she continued to pick up. She was sure to place everything in its rightful place. She learned and continues to keep her toys picked up.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sharing the Household Duties

Karrington is well on her way to being 3. I can't believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was cuddling her and watching her sleep in my arms. It is extremely amazing how quickly kids grow. The little things all add up to be a walking/running/jumping/screaming/screeching/dancing/tumbling/giggling/pink and purple loving little girl.
With Karrington growing and learning new things, we are also growing as parents. It was a few weeks ago when we decided that it was time to introduce Karrington to chores. We don't have a chore list or a spreadsheet or anything too serious. We just want her to be able to be responsible for her 3 year old part in the house.

Karrington's Duties:
Place dirty clothes in laundry basket
Pick up all toys
Brush Teeth
Help with her laundry (pictures below)

Dirty Clothes - this is an end of the day duty and is pretty simple. She is to make sure that her clothes from the day do not end up on the floor or stuffed in a drawer, but instead in the laundry basket.
*in order to help her be successful, I make sure to have a laundry basket in her room at all times

Pick up all toys - Karrington's toys and books are separated into buckets, so that she does not have access to all of her toys all of the time. (Got this idea from my sis, Gretchen). We rotate the toys out about once a month. All this to say, she doesn't have a ton of toys that she has to pick up. She is, though, required to pick up everything she gets out. A story on how Karrington learned the value of this duty to follow in a few days.

Brush Teeth - She brushes first and then I do a follow up, so that we make sure to get all of her teeth clean.

Help with her laundry - Karrington helps put her laundry in the washing machine. She then closes the door. I put in the soap and she starts the machine. She then helps me separate the dryer items from the hang dry items. After everything is dry and daddy fold all of the clothes, she helps put away her socks and panties.

As she gets older, we will add a few things here and there. We want to make sure she learns to share in the responsibility of the household duties.
Putting her dirty laundry in the washing machine
Clothes are all in - time to close it up

Karrington know exactly which button to push

All done for now

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Hair Do!

The other day I stumbled upon my new favorite little girl summer hair style. We had just pulled out the pool and were getting ready for our first swim of the season. If you've ever tried to brush out little girl hair after a day of playing and then getting wet in the know that it can be quite a task.
I already had Karrington's hair in a front braid. Instead of pulling the rest of the hair into a messy bun on the top of her head, I pulled the pony from her side braid and used it in a french braid down the back of her head. I love this hair style for many reasons. Two very large ones being: no tangles at the end of the day and the hair stays out of her face.
Start from the side like a regular french braid, but I only pull hair from the front.
I didn't braid this down the middle of the back, it is a diagonal braid.
Just because she so stinkin' cute!
Mommy and Daughter fro yo date.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Planning My Whodunnit

Planning a whodunnit is fairly easy. The party that I bought had all of the pieces and tips that were needed for a successful party.

Purchasing your party
There are no free Murder Mystery Parties. You must pay money. The best place that I found, during my searching, was Ebay. It was quite nice. I bought the party and the writer emailed it to me within 24 hours. There are many different themes, so you can pick and choose as you like. Anton is a big fan of old timey mobsters, so the 1920's theme was perfect for us. Though most kits involve a murder, not all do, so if that bothers you, no worries. Also, there are different settings and kits designed for different numbers of people. We were somewhat limited in our selections, because we had such a large group. 

Most kits come with invitations, but I opted for free. I used Evite to send out invitations. Once I got the RSVP's, I emailed the characters and plot scenario. You want to make sure that every character is actually planning on attending.

I researched and found popular foods from the 1920's. There were tons of resources online, which made me super excited.
Our menu:
Pickle and Olive tray
Waldorf Salad
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Pound Cake
Ice Cream
Champagne Punch (mock) (white grape juice and ginger ale)
Bathtub Gin (also, mock) (sparkling water)
The setting was a speakeasy, so we had to serve 'prohibition' type beverages. All were non-alcoholic, of course.
We started our party at 7pm. This was good for everyone getting off of work, but everyone was starving and I definitely did not have enough food for the appetites in attendance. I would recommend having lots of finger foods and/or appetizers if you do it on a work day. Otherwise, I would plan the party for a little earlier in the evening.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Soap Box: Teach 'em Modesty Early

A few days ago I wrote an update and some stats on our sweet Karrington girl. If you recall, I shared that her most favorite thing to wear is a dress. She says that she is a princess when she wears a dress and insists that she must wear one everyday. With that, modesty shorts are required. Shorts that are worn under a dress or skirt to insure that little girls do not show their panties and to encourage modesty.
You might think that we are a couple of crazy parents. After all, Karrington is only 2. Why should we be worried about modesty? I would return with a question: If not now, when? Why not start right off the bat?

I am so excited about the shorts that my mom spotted at Target today. I am 100% sure that they are designed to be modesty shorts. They are like bike shorts, but a little shorter so that they don't stick out from under the dress or skirt. These will make a great addition to Karrington's wardrobe.

P.S. If anyone finds any awesome deals on little girl dresses in size 4T, please let me know! (good deal = $5 or less, don't want to spend a ton for dress that will be playing in the dirt)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Whodunnit? Murder in Riotsville

Our murder mystery party was a hit. Everyone had a great evening and in the end Sher Ratton confessed to killing Mayor Haddit Kumming.
Everything was 1920's: outfits, lingo and, of course, the meal. Everyone came dressed ready to play their part. This week I will post the menu and pictures of our 1920's meal, as well as my tips on how to plan your own murder mystery party. This is definitely a fun spin on a party and one I recommend. Our family will definitely be doing another murder mystery party in the near future.

Rival Mob Bosses: Foxy Frampton and Tiny Torelli (aka birthday boys)

Introductions: Tinker Tobasco, Desiree Streetcar and Fingers Fillini

Meet Matt Adore, Leika Topshot, and Winn Anyhow

Madd Madigan, Sher Ratton, Iona Barr, Scarlett O'Starlett, Winn Anyhow, and Rich Wilby

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a Mystery

Monday is Anton's birthday and this Friday we are celebrating with a Roaring 20's Murder Mystery Party.

 The characters have been assigned, the invitations sent out and menu planning done. Everyone is planning to dress in 1920's garb. I am excited to post pictures of the evenings events and characters.

The mayor has been murdered in the prohibition scandal and all of the "under-grounders" of Riotsville are coming together to see who has committed this heinous crime. Will it be one of the mobsters, an aspiring actress, one of the speakeasy owners, or maybe even the owner of the hotel? We will find out sometime Friday evening.

My character is the owner of the speakeasy hosting this grandiose affair. I haven't completely decided on my outfit, but did find this great hat while out shopping the other day. The price was even better: $3.47. This will definitely add to my 1920's style outfit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long Overdue Update

When I started this blog, it was meant to keep our far away family updated with our comings and goings. My apologies for being extremely behind. For now, an update on our Karrington girl.

Age: 2 3/4 (going on 16: she just informed me that she could drive if I gave her some keys)
Height: 38"
Weight: 32 Pounds
Projected Height: 6'1" (give or take an 1", basketball player?)
Nicknames: Sister, Sister Bear, Karrington Girl, KP
Music of Choice: Anything Veggie-tales
Favorite Clothing: Dresses (that's what princesses wear)
Favorite Food: Just about any fruit and tomatoes
Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple
Favorite Drink: Almond Milk with a hint of chocolate
Favorite Toy: Dress Up
Favorite Activities: Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, reading books, playing dress up, tea parties, hide and seek with daddy and mommy, playing with her friends, going to the park, shopping
New Awareness: Birthdays (July 3 is so far away!),  Mommy and Daddy's parents = her Nana, G-Pops, Big Daddy and Grammy, How to be quiet when playing hide and seek, Wants a brother or sister like her cousins
Can identify most letters especially K and B (two very important letters)
Count to twelve
Can sing ABC's
Identifies most shapes
Identifies most colors
Follows 2+ instructions at a time
Picks up and puts away toys
Dresses herself
Knows the chorus of Goodnight Sweetheart