Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bed Time Prayers

As Karrington's vocabulary grows, we are being sure to add prayers to her words. For the past several weeks, we have been saying a prayer on the way to school. This was my solution to the last post. On our way to school, I have Karrington repeat after me.
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this day! Please help me today to obey, to be kind to my friends, and to take a nap. I love you! In Jesus' name, Amen
Prayer works, because she has been taking regular naps at school. Not sure why I waited so long to turn to the Lord for help in that matter.
In addition to this prayer, Karrington is learning a prayer at bedtime. This is something that my mom did with all 4 of us kids and I think is important to learn. There is nothing complicated; it is simple, short and concise. After all, how many words are we going to have a 2 year old try and remember.
Her nighttime prayer:
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this day. Thank you for my daddy. Thank you for my mommy. Forgive me of my sins. Give me health, peace and joy. In Jesus' name, Amen
I'm not sure that Karrington understands everything she is saying, but it is being planted in her heart and spirit. It is our desire for her to love and follow the Lord all the days of her life and we are trusting God to give us the parental direction and wisdom needed to teacher and instruct her.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HELP! I have a 2 year old

Calling all moms...I need 2 year old help!
Little Miss Karrington has decided to take it upon herself to skip naps at school. I might pass this off as a growing up phase, except for the fact that she sleeps for a solid 2 hours when she naps at home. Her teachers have tried several different strategies, but nothing seems to work.
Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
This call for help isn't far from selfish. Though I'm sure Karrington's body and health would probably benefit from the extra sleep, I know her attitude would 100% benefit from a lovely afternoon siesta. Our last several evenings have been spent dealing with tantrums, crying, rubbing PB&J on her feet, and being destructive. I think that you probably have the idea.
Karrington has started hitting her friends.
As I was entering the building to pick her up from school yesterday, one of my mom friends informed me that she had just seen Karrington sitting at the front desk. NOT GOOD!
Karrington had been sent to the front desk for hitting a little boy with a wood block, for no reason. She was practically in the principal's office.
I'm at a loss and really do welcome any and all toddler/2 year old advice.