Saturday, May 28, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

I just ordered 5 Father's Day cards for free from Shutterfly. For Mother's Day I spent over $25 on cards, so I thought that this was a pretty good deal. AND you can customize them.  

I Love Daddy Father's Day 5x7 folded card
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Let's Talk About Modesty

The other day, I dressed Karrington and sent her to school. When I went to check on her in the middle of the day, I was shocked to find her shirt half way up her belly, leaving a nice sized mid-drift. Too small? You might ask. Not at all, the shirt was a 3T and should have been plenty big enough as to not show any skin.
I was absolutely horrified and apologized to her teachers. Unfortunately I had not replaced her 'extra clothes' in her backpack, so there was nothing that I could really do. Since Anton normally picks Karrington up, I called to warn him of her immodesty. Of course, we laughed about it, but there is something to say about teaching our young girls about modesty.
I have spoken with several people about this matter and have gotten many mixed reactions. Some say that it is completely okay to let little girls show a little extra skin. Some say that it is important to start modesty as early as possible (especially this day in age, when Lady Gaga is wearing barley anything and giving an extremely inappropriate performance on TV). When do you draw the line? This is where I would love opinions. What is okay? What is too much skin? Are 2 pieces okay for kids under 5, 7, or 9? What do you think about teaching modesty? And if you're a seasoned mom, please share some of your tips.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Watching what we say

I know all of you moms know what that means. The moment when you realize that your child is going to repeat everything she/he hears. The other day we were sitting in the car and I was correcting Karrington (she had taken off her shoes for the umpteenth time). She verbatim repeated everything that I said to her; like she had heard it before. It was not sweet or cute, it was more like order barking and all I could do was look at Anton in a sense of regret. Hmmmm...bad mommy moment? I'm not really sure what exactly to think about this except to know that I really need to be more purposeful in my communication with my sweet little, almost 2 year old daughter.
On that note, Anton and I have been purposeful in our positive conversation. Karrington is becoming very polite and uses please and thank you quite regularly. She says hi to people as we walk through the store and even while riding in the car. And there is my new favorite, her singing O-B-E-Y, obey your mom and dad... Very cute and precious. We are intentional to tell her everyday that she is a child of God, a princess of the King. That she is a leader and God has great plans for her life. She is smart and can do anything that she puts her mind to.
A funny story along these lines happened at work yesterday. Anton had picked Karrington up from her class and brought her down to my office. I had a child sitting in my office. The child had gotten into trouble and was need to sit out of the fun and games for a few minutes. Karrington saw her sitting in a chair to the side and said "obey." What do you do? Laugh? Bow your head in shame? She obviously knew that this child had misbehaved and needed to be obedient. She was obviosly discerning of the situation.
All in all, we are having to watch what we say. Good or bad, she picks it up and will repeat it. No more talking to other drivers on the road or yelling at the tv during a basketball game.