Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There is a light...

I got this picture in an email today with the encouraging note:

"Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel."

This was so apropos considering that I have thought that it is Wednesday all day and its really Tuesday. That makes for a long week, if you know what I mean. Yesterday felt like two days, or maybe even three days, in one. A marathon, so to speak. So, if any of you have experienced the same, remember...there is a light!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

G-Pops Truths

G-Pop's Truths
1. You're Smart
2. You're Beautiful
3. Jesus Loves You
and if you're anything like Karrington, #3 is followed by a loud AMEN!
My dad makes it a point to say these things to Karrington everyday (if he happens to be out of town, Anton or I stand in the gap). I am excited that she will grow up hearing these and knowing that they are true. No doubt about it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Early Mornings

Today was an early day at work (yawn!). On a normal day, I do not have to trail in until around 10:00 am, but this morning my car rolled in to the parking lot at 7:42 am. I give mad kudos to all the moms who can get out of the house, kids in tow, lunches packed, and all of the necessities to get through the day all before 8:00 am. This morning I got up 15 minutes late, managed to get myself fully dressed, cinnamon rolls in the oven, Karrington up (cute story to follow) and dressed, her lunch packed, and heated up the left over coffee from yesterday. We rushed out the door with breakfast in hand. I scarfed down my Ezekiel toast in the car, while she kept asking me where her breakfast was (bad mama moment?). She didn't realize that I had warm cinnamon rolls and a cup of cold Almond milk packed in her bag for the moment we arrived at school. It was a crazy morning and I am very glad that I don't have to do that every day!

Getting Karrington up...
It is a rare occasion when I have to wake Karrington up. Have you heard the saying, "Never wake a sleeping baby."? I have bought into that BIG TIME!!! I didn't know how she would react to being woken up, but we ended up having a precious moment. She was very cuddly. I didn't turn on her big light, but instead turned on the closet light and cracked the door a little. This, however, was clearly too much light for my sleepy little girl. She laid on the floor as I changed her diaper and said, "eyes mommy, eyes (while rubbing her eyes)" Once she was a little more awake she started to talk, A LOT! She was talking about her shirt, pants, socks, diaper, shoes, bows...everything required to get her ready for the day. Once we were finished dressing her, she looked at me and said, "Awshome mommy!" How precious! Hugs and kisses followed. I absolutely love this little girl!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friendly Rivalry

Who will win? Who will advance to the Elite Eight? I don't know, but tonight we're going to find out.
This is an ever present rivalry between best friends. Anton is a hardcore Arizona Wildcat fan. He LOVES them! In fact, when we first started dating, he required that I memorize, at least, the starting line up of the Wildcats. Oh, don't worry, I did. Though, I don't know if I could tell you anyone from the team now (I guess the standard goes down after 5 years of marriage...)
Daniel, Anton's BFF, is a hardcore Duke fan. I'm not sure if his love for Duke is more than Anton's love of the Wildcats, but I do know that Daniel traveled all the way from Washington state to North Carolina just to see his Blue Devils play. Pretty die hard, if you ask me.

Tonight, Anton is decked out in Arizona gear, sitting on our couch and Skyping with Daniel while watching the game (we live 2000 miles away from each other) I guess we'll see how tonight plays out. I do know that whoever wins, Arizona or Duke, they will still be friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proud Mama Moment

Karrington and I had a great moment this morning. We were following our normal morning routine: get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast. She was all dressed and ready for the day. I asked her to get a bib out and not only did she do that; she put it on and then promptly went over to climb into her chair. She climbed in and politely waited for me to bring over her breakfast. I brought over her eggs and cinnamon roll and as I placed the plate in front of her she said, "Thank (taint) you, mommy" (in the sweetest little girl voice you can imagine). My heart melted as I answered, "You are very welcome Karrington." Am I really raising a polite little girl? It really shouldn't be too shocking, but I don't remember consciously teaching her to use such manners. Needless to say, I am one extremely proud mama.
I love this girl!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking on the Challenge

While glancing through the newest Country Living magazine, I came across a darling display of cupcakes. After examining the page a little longer, I realized that it was an advertisement for a competition. Jelly Belly is giving away $10,000 to the best dressed cupcake. So...
I'm taking the challenge!
I have a couple of ideas, but I feel that I am going to have to do some experimenting before I submit my final product. This is my first food competition, so I'm a little nervous. The website posted some ideas and this is my favorite. I think that these would be super cute at a summer bar-b-que or a picnic. I'll keep you posted. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bath Time Woes

Our household has been experiencing bath time woes. In a matter of days, bath time went from a great play time to screaming and crying. WHAT THE HECK? I'm not sure what happened. Can anyone say mood swing? I'm sure that we could blame things on Karrington being a girl, but I'm pretty sure that hormones do not have that much control at 20 months.
After two screaming bath time experiences, I have decided that I am in definite need of a book or lesson on toddler behavior. One moment, I feel like I am doing great! Our days are seamless with great meal times, naps and car rides. BUT then there are days, like the last two, with no naps, screaming bath times, and lunch and dinner all over the floor. Don't tell me its the 'terrible twos.' Although I know that this season of toddlerhood has been dubbed with that oh so wonderful phrase, I refuse to own the title for my little one. 
It is time to start reading up on this season of life. I am in need of some toddler advice. This makes figuring out a babies cries seem like a piece of cake.
Typical afternoon car ride: within 5 minutes her shoes and socks are off and her bows are ripped out. Now I know how much fun it is to redress a toddler every time we get out of the car.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Chick's First Hairctut

Karrington had her first trim, thanks to Auntie Jenny. All of that newborn baby hair is gone...don't worry I did keep a locket...and all of the toddler hair is evened out. No more uneven pigtails.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Will you be my homecoming date?

I know that this is so January, but go with me for a minute.
Since Trinity doesn't have a football team, we do homecoming during basketball season. We got dressed up in our Red and Navy and headed out to the Lion's den to support our Lady Lions and Running Lions. As is Texas tradition, all the girls don mums to the homecoming festivities. (Mums are large gaudy flowers with ribbons, bells and whistles dangling down. The bigger, the better.)
I thought that it would be cute to make/decorate a little t-shirt with a little mum for Karrington. The flower is made out of ribbon with lion paws and then the dangling ribbon is red and blue. It turned out super cute and will definitely become a Bossio homecoming tradition, for at least the younger years.
Anton's Homecoming Dates